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Episode 6 QUENCHED - Reaching Millions Through Clean Water

March 16, 2022 Larrie Fraley Season 1 Episode 6
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Episode 6 QUENCHED - Reaching Millions Through Clean Water
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Matt MacLean is such a good friend and member of CCV for 13 years, We are so proud of his example of what it means to be sent by CCV.  Matt is the President and Founder of Quenched. There are millions of people in Nepal and India who do not have access to clean water or the Gospel. Quenched drills clean water wells and empower local pastors to share the Gospel and disciple new believers so that communities can be healthier physically and spiritually. Matt is a business owner from the Phoenix area and started Quenched in 2015 after a clear call and vision from God. He volunteers his time and gives to the ministry above the tithe while coordinating with indigenous pastor partners who help execute the mission in the field.


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Episode 6 Matt Maclean Quenched

Larrie: [00:00:13] Welcome to the Let's Go 360 podcast, Let's Go 360 is a podcast for listeners who want to know more about what God is doing around the world here, near and far. This podcast is sponsored by Christ Church of the Valley, also known as CCV one church. Many locations across the Greater Phoenix area with plans to expand wherever God wants CSV to go. As always, our show notes, we'll have links and helpful information discussed in each podcast episode, along with a complete transcript. My name is Larrie Fraley. I'm your host and lead pastor of the local and global missions here at CCV. I'm excited to have a special guest here today. A close friend of mine, Matt McLain, is the president and founder of Quenched. Millions of people in Nepal and India do not have access to clean water or the gospel winched drills, clean water wells and empowers local pastors to share the gospel and disciple new believers so that communities can be healthier physically and spiritually. Matt is an owner of a business here in Phoenix and started quenched in 2015 after a clear call and vision from God. He volunteers his time and gives to the ministry above the tithe while coordinating with Indigenous Pastor Partners who help execute the mission in the field. Matt, welcome to the show.


Matt: [00:01:37] It's a pleasure to be here, Larrie.


Larrie: [00:01:38] You know, Matt, as we get started here today, you've been at CVX for, what, 13 years now?


Matt: [00:01:44] Yeah. My wife and I started attending in 2009, when our twins at the time were two years old.


Larrie: [00:01:49] Tell us a little bit about how you found CCD.


Matt: [00:01:53] Well, I'm born and raised here in the valley of the Sun, and my wife and I moved to a community just right by the Peoria campus in 2008, and we started attending the Peoria campus shortly thereafter.


Larrie: [00:02:04] So as we get started, here's here's the big question. How did you decide to reach out to the people of Nepal and India?


Matt: [00:02:12] Well, it's you know, as God was just speaking to me, Larrie, when you when you're in your quiet time with the Lord and you're in the world, the great commission just kept coming up over and over again. And when you read those words of Jesus right before he ascended and this is after he had died and rose again, and he says all authority in heaven on Earth has been given to me. And that's a that's a big word authority and heaven on Earth has been given to me. And then he issues a command go therefore, and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe all that I've commanded you. And behold, I am with you always to the end of the age. And those words were were challenging me. And what does my role as a business owner and a follower of Christ look like in this day and age for how I should live out this call of the great commission through a lot of prayer and quite frankly, wrestling with God as to what this would look like, he he led me clearly to Nepal and India, to the heart of the unreached. And when you talk about unreached peoples, you know, we're on a podcast talking about missions. It's people that have limited to no knowledge of Jesus and what can I do to be part of that? And when I saw that there were still three billion people living around the world who were unreached by the gospel and over 700 million people who still don't have access to clean water, that's where it all started. Was this idea of how can we put these together and allow a local pastor to be the hero to his unreached community around him and engage them with the gospel through clean water?


Larrie: [00:03:54] Give us some idea of the tactics you're using. In other words, how are you actually accomplishing God's mission in that part of the world?


Matt: [00:04:03] Yeah. So I'm still a business owner here in the valley, and I I feel called to use the, you know, above the tithe. I I believe in the tithe. I believe in what CCF teaches. And that's so my first calling is to our local church and to the people around me. But as you look at the great commission, it's how can I engage in the unreached if I'm still called to be here? And so we've partnered with local indigenous pastor partners in Nepal and India, and we equip them with let's find needs. There are millions upon millions of people who still don't have access to clean water in these communities, and they walk minutes miles each day to get clean water. So let's go find those needs. So these local pastors will then get the well drilled and installed, and then they'll hold a public well dedication ceremony where they celebrate this new well, that's giving forth life of clean water. But then at that ceremony, they share the gospel and use John four and Jesus's interaction with the Samaritan woman, where he says if you drink of this water, you'll be thirsty again. But if you drink of the water that I give, you'll never be thirsty again. And in fact you'll have. Well, of eternal life springing up inside of you, so they use that as a is a visual as they share the gospel and then begin to build relationships with that community as a follow up, then the pastors will come back and teach wash training where they'll teach hygiene and sanitation so that people know that now they've got this clean water source.


Matt: [00:05:28] Here's how to be free of germs. Here's how to live clean. And so that's a really big opportunity for the pastors to continue to build relationships with the community and then ongoing if we see new believers, it's where discipleship training comes in and we all know is as plugged into a great church like skeevy. We have the opportunity to be trained in a real profound way by great teachers in unreached communities. They don't have that opportunity. So if somebody from the well decides, Hey, I'm ready to follow Jesus, I want to give my life to Christ, what do I do now? That's a they don't have a CV to just go plug into. So that's where we will take them through a training curriculum called Rad, which stands for rapidly advancing disciples, where we teach them what it means to follow Christ, how to share their faith with those around them, and then eventually how to plant and grow a healthy church. Our goal, ultimately, is that a well will become a thriving and multiplying church community.


Larrie: [00:06:21] Well, so you must have someone there that's helping you because there's got to be this logistic challenge for you to get equipment there and and workers there. How does that all work?


Matt: [00:06:36] That's a great question, Larrie. So yeah, I'm here full time and we have indigenous partners. We have directors in each country that are on staff with quenched, and they are full task is to coordinate the pastor networks to to get the resources, to hiring staff, to hiring the drillers, to coordinating training and managing those efforts. And then here my job is to help lead them, to hold them accountable to the vision and make sure that we're executing on our vision of of bringing clean water. But most importantly, the gospel to those who have never heard. So it's really the indigenous partners and our directors are the ones who are the heroes on the ground that are the boots on the ground that are the ones executing the work.


Larrie: [00:07:18] So you're not creating a dependency on the on the West, you're actually raising up indigenous leaders to reach the indigenous people.


Matt: [00:07:26] Absolutely. And that's one of the great things about water, Larrie is it's not a an ongoing thing that we're having to go back continuously to meet these needs. It's number one. We're we're creating something that's providing an ongoing need that that really frees up that community to be more sustainable and more more independent. So they don't have to go back to, hey, I got to keep finding water each day. Now kids can go to school. Moms and dads can go look for work. It creates a more productive economy when we've taken care of that need. And then, yes, the indigenous pastors are the ones who are going to advance that need in. Our goal is to keep multiplying churches through the through the water projects.


Larrie: [00:08:08] Well, Marc, give us some numbers. How are you measuring your progress?


Matt: [00:08:12] They're also measuring is important, we try to track everything, and certainly we're not going to limit God to numbers each each number, as you all say, numbers are important, but they're not right here. You guys track numbers so well, and behind each of those numbers is a story. And so we track number one wells and people served. So since our founding in twenty fifteen, we've completed over one thousand one hundred and fifty wells, serving 110000 people. But water is just again the first part of our mission. We since our founding, we've also trained over five thousand two hundred believers with our rapidly advancing disciples curriculum. And we've seen three thousand five hundred decisions for Christ, over 900 baptisms and 225 churches and fellowships started. And really, those are the numbers that we care about is those souls who have said, Hey, I'm ready to follow Jesus, I'm ready to give my life to Christ.


Larrie: [00:09:09] All that's exciting, and it's especially exciting for our listeners, for them to know that what they are giving to CCD, 10 percent of that actually goes to helping and supporting mission partners like yourselves. So the expanded of reach of CCD is truly worldwide. You know, every episode I ask our guest to give us an example of someone, perhaps a family who have been changed or transformed as a result of your ministry.


Matt: [00:09:38] You know, Larrie, when you when you've done ministry this long, there are so many stories and so many stories of what God has done on the field through this work. And if I had to pick one, it would be the utmost call just for for security purposes. I'm not going to use any names because this is an unreached and persecuted country, but we'll call her Sarah. She was a neighbor of one of our pastor partners in Nepal, and she used to persecute him every time that he opened up and started a fellowship in his home. She would gather people, bring people in to persecute him, and some of the local believers would would hide their Bibles and fear of her. And we put in a well near her, well, 7:41 in Nepal. And she's a really influential woman in that community, a teacher in a public school. And but God worked in her life. He saw she saw how this faithful witness in our church planter continually going back to her and loving on her. She saw the well, and now she's given her life to the Lord. She is using her influence now to share the gospel and has already led one additional woman to Christ. And from this well and the work associated with it, just last week, one of our directors baptized 13 people, and not every weld leads to a baptism the new believers or a church plant. But we are seeing God move in unbelievable ways through our partners and through this work, and the story of Sarah is just one example of that.


Larrie: [00:11:00] What are some of your biggest challenges?


Matt: [00:11:03] You know, the persecution is one of the first things that come to mind of our of our local pastor partners and in in Nepal. As an example, if a believer is found converting somebody to a different faith, they can face up to five years in prison. They face constant persecution, ostracism from their families, beatings, the threat of loss of job. So the one of the definite. Big, biggest challenges that we face is as we grow and as we try to reach more people with this work is getting on more radars in these countries and and so just praying for wisdom and God's provision to to continue to light the path for quenched and for these pastoral partners to to reach more people and to be secure and safe along the way. And so we just want to continue to lead with love and pray for wisdom. And ultimately, we're going to trust God with the outcome.


Larrie: [00:11:57] We are hopefully seeing some light at the end of the tunnel here regarding COVID, and I know you've learned so much. Are there any opportunities, plans or goals that you see for the future?


Matt: [00:12:07] Yeah, you know, as God has has led the way here, Larrie. You know, we started in Nepal in 2015, and we've been expanding to to new regions or states in Nepal ever since. As these church networks grow and as we have more fellowships and more churches, really, the one of the big things is leadership development for our for our pastors. You know, as if you've got young pastors who are just being trained and expected to lead a church. What we want to see as a sustainable church planting effort, and that really requires leaders. So one of the things that we are doing is we're pouring into these leaders with additional resources and trainings. Additionally, in twenty eighteen, we launched in Bihar, India and so India is one of the the biggest unreached populations in the world in Bihar, India as one example. There are one hundred and eighteen million people living there. One state in India and point one percent of them are Christian, according to the Joshua Project. So we're going to continue to expand. We're willing and be here. Additionally, in Uttar Pradesh, which is the neighboring state in India, there are 247 million people in one state point one percent Christian, according to the Joshua Project. We just launched in U.P. Uttar Pradesh just last year. So between these two states in India, think about this for a second. There are 365 million people living just in two states with less than 500000 Christians.


Larrie: [00:13:37] Wow, that's that's amazing numbers. And to put that into perspective, in those two states alone, you have the entire population of the United States. That is, they're in a category of unreached people groups in just those two states.


Matt: [00:13:54] It's amazing to think about Larrie from that context, you know, 330 million people in the United States right now. So it's it's a rich environment for number one, just physical poverty. Most people there live on a dollar or two a day. So the poverty there is is very rampant. But then the spiritual poverty, the spiritual darkness that these people live in and the light that they need, they need Jesus more than anything. And and our our prayer is that water would lead them to open their hearts and minds to the living water of Jesus


Larrie: [00:14:27] That you and I have talked. And that's why we both believe that we live in perhaps the greatest time in history. Here we have two states equal to the population of the United States. And not only that, the United States is the third largest country in the world. Many people find that hard to believe that of all the countries in the world, United States ranks number three in terms of population. And here we have these two states available right now for the harvest, so to speak. And so hats off to you and your team for what you're doing. Ccp is supported you for a number of years now. Can you describe a time when CCP perhaps enabled you to accomplish something some project or goal that you had?


Matt: [00:15:12] You know, Larrie, as I think about and reflect on that question, it's it's kind of like, what has CCP not helped us do and how is God not worked through all of you at CCP and for for the for you listeners, I think CV's missions team and all that the church is part of locally and globally, and the missions front is one of the best kept secrets in this church. You are part of as you're listening to these podcast episodes, so much powerful impact and you should be proud of that and what this church is doing locally and globally. If I had to just name one or two things, you know, your first is over the last couple of years during COVID. As you mentioned earlier, Larrie, we had you think about the impacts that we all had here. We had to be at home. A lot of us. We worked remotely. We were online for most of us. We were able to survive. We were still able to go to the grocery store. We were still able to get food. The majority of us, not all of us, but the majority of us still are able to have income and keep our jobs in these regions where people live in significant physical poverty. Many of them rely on day day labor, if you will, and if they can't go to work.


Matt: [00:16:21] If there are strict lockdowns, which we saw in both of our countries in Nepal and India during the heart of the pandemic, they they don't have food, they don't have money. And so literally there were hundreds of millions of people starving, starving to death. And so CCTV was part of an initiative for us that we said, Hey, we're going to use our pastor networks to meet needs during this unprecedented time. And so we provided 30 days of medical supplies and food for thousands of families. And so that was a huge impact because it allowed the indigenous local pastor to. The change agent and to share the gospel and the hope of Jesus during a really dark time to those people and to meet some physical needs. So that's that's one for sure. The other has the India expansion. So which skeevy is largely been able to be part of and help? You know, since we launched in India, we heard over 240 wells. Fifteen thousand people served with water and we've seen 357 decisions for Christ, 138 baptisms and 17 churches planted in India. And just like we talked about just a few minutes ago, 365 million people were just scratching the surface, but that India expansion would not have been possible without CV's faithful support and prayers.


Larrie: [00:17:34] Wow. Well, we both agree that we are so thankful to be part of a church that is generous and be involved in what God is doing around the world. As we close out today, what what advice would you give our listeners regarding what we've talked about or perhaps a way that they can engage, quenched more?


Matt: [00:17:54] You know, Larrie, I think one of the natural tendencies in the greater church in America is to look at missions as a compartmentalized part of the church and to look at what and hear these stories about all the things you've been covering on this podcast so far and everything that key missions is part of and say, Well, I'm glad missions is doing that, and we're all called to be on mission for God. And maybe not all of us are going to travel internationally, but we can all be part of God's redemption and God's creation of fulfilling this great commission. And I think of three simple words I think I pray, give and go. So I think that all of us have a role to play and one or all of those we can all be praying for Nepali and Indian pastor partners who are facing persecution that they need and covet your prayers. We can all be praying for our hearts to be opened as people are attending, well, dedications and that they would clearly hear the gospel message and have an opportunity to respond. We can be praying for our these new believers who are being trained with rad and saying, Hey, God worked through them to be bold and wise as they go. Share their faith, as they face persecution. We can, we can give as we give and tie that CCP, right? That goes to 10 percent tithe goes to mission and above and beyond the tithe. If people feel so lead, they can do that too. And to the missions, the ministries they want to support and we can all go there's how many mission trips do you guys have scheduled this year, Larrie?


Larrie: [00:19:19] Well, we're hoping to get back on track and we've got about 40 being planned right now as we speak.


Matt: [00:19:24] Wow. So if you think about that, there's opportunities to go both here near and far, to serve the unreached, to serve the least of these. And so as I think about just kind of broad, the broad question of what advice would I give, it's that we can all be part of missions and God God does something. And I'll tell you that is my my involvement of missions has grown over the years with quenched, and some of the best blessings in life are not financial, but just being part of what God is doing and seeing him move in undescribable ways has been such a blessing to me. So I think that be the biggest thing I would say to to our listeners is is to pray, Hey God, are you calling me to to pray, give or go? What, what call do you have in my life to be part of


Larrie: [00:20:07] Your great commission? Well, Matt, thanks for joining us today and we look forward to having you back. And maybe the next time one of your leaders are stateside, we'll have him. Join us on our podcast. So thanks again for joining us. Well, as we conclude today's episode, thank you for listening. And if you like what you've heard today and want more, follow us and be sure to give us a five star review as it helps attract more listeners to find out what God is doing around the world through RISC-V. You can also follow us on our website at Let's Go 360 dot org. Check out the Missions page at KVCR Church. Thanks for joining us! As we go about learning about the lives of those who are living out the great commission inspired by the Great Commandments so that someday we all might stand with the great multitudes before the throne with the mission of God is complete. May God bless you as we go and send those here near and far.